Saturday, September 6, 2008

I apologise, I'm Sorry.....

I apologise to A-Mad Ismail for demanding him to apologise to the Malaysia Chinese Community for his "right" to called Chinese "immigrant that does not deserve to demand the equal right as Malay". I'm sorry because even if he apologise we might forgive but never forget what have been said. Damage has been done.

I feel sorry for TDM as the demise of his beloved UMNO Baru draw nearer with the latest twist and situation by A-Mad. Whole nation will be sad for the passing away of our only GREAT PARTY-UMNO. Should we cry or celebrate?

I'm sorry for MCA & Gerakan leader that fail to demand a strong action like Sedition Act on A-MAD Ismail refuse to apologises to Malaysia Chinese Community and I apologise to them because they just blew away the last chance to get some dignity back (do they have any btw).

I apologise on behalf of Chinese Community to MCA & Gerakan for demanding them to do the impossible task that only Tom Cruise or James Bond able to do ( I even doubt that those hero can) which is to shoot their master right on their face and leave BN or at least not behave like a ball-less leader ( is hard u know to ask them to become a leader with ball because they hv lost it long time ago).

I feel sorry for Najib & Pak Lah because they look like a clueless leader (well they do sleep on the job right?) when Najib apologise on behalf of A-Mad Ismail & UMNO and Pak Lah mention that that fellow might not mean what he said and a few day later that fellow in a proud press conference said that he wont apologise as he did nothing wrong and WOW, supported by 13 UMNO Division in Penang (Kepala Batas included I assume).

I apologise to A-Mad Ismail for our Nenek Moyang overstaying in Malaysia and granted citizenship by British plus contributing to the economy growth of Malaysia. We are wrong in the 1st place to overstaying and contributing to the economy and A-Mad is right that Chinese does not have the right to demand a equal right as Malay because EQUAL RIGHT only mean for UMNOputras and not Tom,Dick or Harry even you are Malay like A-Mad.

Now u see how easy it was to apologise and to say I'm sorry but hey, not everyone hv the BALL to say it. Well sorry again to everyone if there is too many sorry mention in this post and I'm sorry for saying sorry and feeling sorry for what happen....SORRY....


amoker said...

i saw your comment on Zul Noordin's website. Yep, agree on those points.

on Ahmad Ismail, you should see how the whole UMNO Penang rain wrath on anything that is non malay, and non Muslim. It is funny now that how a racist remark is now turned into a religous persecution against the majority.( May 13, suggested killing of the Sin Chew cari makan reporter, Cina Balik Tongkang) I read my bible today and was reading about Paul being persecuted. He expouses patience, perseverance for God judges. Similar to Christ's teaching. I do see the difference.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam firdaus,

with people like ahmad ismail in the ameno fray, i think it'll only work against them. soon they will lose support from their non-malay BN counterparts. and this works well for those who has had enough of of this race-based party. my point is, let ahmad say anything. he'll only further dent the party's credibility.